Foreign experience at local prices

One of the aims of JOY is to provide world standard services in Azerbaijan. Too many children are taken abroad for rehabilitation, which is expensive and can be traumatic for a children with disabilities. JOY aims to provide the same quality of service in Azerbaijan through partnership with Norwegian specialists who visit to Azerbaijan at least three times per year to give trainings and consultations. Parents must often pay to visit many different specialists whilst trying to find the right support for their children – logopeds, psychologists, physiotherapists, massage etc. JOY staff use these therapies in their individual and group sessions, so all the children’s learning, physical and social needs are met simultaneously through a planned range of activities. JOY Child Development Specialists have a medical/pedagogical background which forms the basis of deep understanding of the neurological and physiological development of a child.

JOY is a SOCIAL business that supports underprivileged children all over Azerbaijan

JOY is a ‘social business’, meaning that the income generated by clients maintains the Centre AND also supports UAFA’s regional Centres which are free for underprivileged children and families. JOY is also supported by donors in Norway and Azerbaijan which helps to keep our rates affordable. We have not increased our rates after the devaluations and economic downturn. JOY also acts as a training centre for the staff of these regional Centres. They may attend trainings by Norwegian specialists, and spend time at JOY to observe sessions and develop their skills. This means that innovation and best practices are reaching the regions too, so the poorest and most isolated children also benefit in their own villages and towns.

JOY focuses on building a child’s skills for ALL medical diagnoses

The child may have a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, autism, Downs Syndrome, mental delay, speech delay, etc. BUT our specialists look at the child, not the label, and we assess what he/she CAN do, and build a child development plan from this skills base. A positive approach always leads to positive outcomes. The JOY specialist will use a variety of assessment tools to understand the child’s stage of physical and cognitive development, communication and social skills, and behaviour in a social environment. Many children that show signs of autism may actually have Sensory Integration Disorder, which is treatable once fully assessed.